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Ladies, wrap yourself in a Beautiful Sarong on your way to the beach.

Sarongs are super soft and are easy on your skin if you happen to have lost track of time under the sun, they can be used as a head scarf it the wind is being too playful with your hair, if you want to grab a bite and step into a restaurant, a quick wrap around your waist and it's a lovely skirt tie it a little more elaborate style and it's a perfect dress for casual beachware.


Sarongs work great to dry yourself off and it dries quickly.


There are many uses Sarongs have to offer makes them a perfect travel companion and souvenir that keeps coming handy!

We have Sarongs for children, adults in a Huge Variety of Colors, Styles & Patterns...

And MORE, so much MORE!

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150 Dickenson Street

Lahaina, HI 96761

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